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Simulation Center

Our Goals

The Center for Professional Development and Simulation at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center provides meaningful benefits to health care providers, patients and Beth Israel Lahey Health by:

  • Performing scientifically sound and meaningful research in medical education and simulation training.
  • Presenting education and training programs for health care professionals that improve patient safety and quality of care through a broad range of simulation, team experience and novel instructional methods by embracing new technology.
  • Providing leadership in the development of educational standards and policy at the local, regional, national and international levels.
  • Through Lahey’s partnership with Tufts University School of Medicine and affiliated institutions, establishing a network to foster clinical innovation and knowledge transfer in order to be a resource for community-based care.

What We Offer

Our center provides training and education with the latest simulation equipment for health care professionals. We offer opportunities for professional development, simulation-based training and research.

We are dedicated to improving the quality of care at Lahey and in the greater medical community through collaboration.

About Simulation

What Is Simulation?

Simulation training is based on the idea that practicing something before the actual performance makes that performance better. Simulation has been adopted by many professional fields such as sports, music and in the airline industry. Now, it is being increasingly adopted by the medical field as well. Medical simulation is an excellent way to educate and train health care professionals to perform their best. At the Center for Professional Development and Simulation at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, providers work in a realistic health care setting using the latest technology and training methods to learn new techniques, improve teamwork and optimize their response to crises and unanticipated events.

How We Help Patient Safety

Improving a health care provider’s skills in a low-risk setting improves overall safety and quality of care. Simulators provide a structured learning experience and allow providers to practice new skills and procedures without danger to patients. Simulators also improve providers’ reactions when they encounter unusual or emergency cases that require split-second decision making.

Our center provides this critically important service to providers within and outside of Lahey. The skills taught at the Center for Professional Development and Simulation have touched the lives of countless patients.

American College of Surgeons Accredited Simulation Fellowship

As an accredited Level 1 American College of Surgeons Education Institute, the Lahey Center for Professional Development and Simulation offers a fully funded one-year ACS Accredited Fellowship.

Our Facilities

Our center has special training rooms housed with the latest simulation equipment and technology. Our facilities include, but are not limited to, inpatient rooms, operating rooms, skills training and debriefing rooms. We can also stream videos, such as livestreaming of mock codes or genuine operating room cases. Our facilities can accommodate both small and large groups.

For Providers

Health care providers can receive expert training and education from Lahey physicians who are renowned in their field. We offer training and credentialing in multiple areas, including the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS), Fundamentals in Endoscopic Surgery (FES) and Fundamentals in the Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE), as well as specialized courses in laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

What sets us apart is our strong commitment to team training. Multidisciplinary patient care is the hallmark of Lahey, and we support this by training entire care teams, such as trauma and code teams, to ensure the best possible patient care and cooperation, especially while performing in high-stress environments.

Learn more about our clinical skills and team training programs.

For Patients

Our core mission is to provide the safest patient care and the best experience possible. Our facilities allow providers to rehearse procedures and teamwork skills before stepping into the patient care environment. The concept of “practice makes perfect” is evident in all the work we do.

For Industry

We welcome industry groups to rent our state-of-the-art facilities to host training sessions or to facilitate product development. Learn more about our opportunities for industry groups.

How To Contact Us

To learn more about the Center for Professional Development and Simulation at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, please contact:

Erin Brady, BSN
Simulation Supervisor
Phone: 781-744-5038
Mobile: 781-975-6840

How To Make a Donation

Your donations will benefit countless patients for many years to come. We are deeply grateful to the foundations and organizations who have donated to us in the past, as well as to our generous patients who have sent donations and gifts.

If you would like more information on donating to our center, please visit Lahey Hospital & Medical Center's Philanthropy site.

Research & Education

Learn about medical research at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, where clinical trials are leading to innovative treatments.