Speech Pathology

Innovative Diagnostic & Treatment Technology

In general, people need their voices to do their jobs and enjoy life. Some people, such as actors and singers, depend on their voices for their livelihood. Others, such as lawyers, teachers, ministers and businesspeople, also count their voices among their professional equipment. But everyone needs to communicate, and a voice problem can be debilitating, not just physically, but also psychologically and emotionally.

Using innovative diagnostic and treatment technology, the Department of Speech Pathology (formerly the Speech, Voice & Swallowing Center) at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center addresses a wide range of voice disorders, as well as speech and swallowing problems. From care of the professional voice to care of patients learning to speak or swallow after a stroke or other illness, the department’s team of specialists focuses exclusively on conditions affecting the voice box (larynx) and surrounding areas of the throat and mouth. In recent years, the department has expanded to meet patient needs and to reflect the growth of technology and treatments specific to voice and speech.

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