Meet the Urology Faculty

Urology Faculty Members

Faculty members act as mentors to residents and medical students. Many have ongoing research projects and leadership positions at the local as well as national level. Listed below are members who participate in a resident education.

Residency Leadership

Ali Moinzadeh, MD, MHL Chair, Division of Urology
Lara S. MacLachlan, MD Program Director
Karim J. Hamawy, MD Associate Program Director


Children’s Hospital

  • David A. Diamond, MD – Urologist-in-Chief
  • Stuart B. Bauer, MD
  • Joseph G. Borer, MD
  • Marc Cendron, MD
  • Bartley G. Cilento Jr., MD, MPH
  • Carlos R. Estrada Jr., MD
  • Michael Kurtz, MD, MPH
  • Richard S. Lee, MD
  • Erin McNamara, MD, MPH
  • Caleb Nelson, MD, MPH
  • Alan B. Retick, MD
  • Richard N. Yu, MD, PhD

Urology Residency

The Urology Residency Program at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center provides training in clinical and basic science in Urology over five years.