Meet the Anesthesiology Faculty

Residency Leadership

Michael Kaufman, MD, FASA Chair & Director of Clinical Operations
Sohin Patel, MD Associate Program Director
Lori Sheehan, MD Associate Program Director
Michelle DeBenedetto Program Administrator


  • Andaleeb Ahmed, MD
  • Arkadi Beloiartsev, MD
  • Sujata A. Bhave, MD
  • Igor Braverman, MD
  • Ewan M. Cameron, MD
  • Jennifer Chatburn, MD
  • Ellen E. Choi, MD
  • Kevin Crotty, DO
  • Luke Dong, MD
  • Kari G. Doucette, MD
  • Ali Ebrahimi, MD
  • Tammam M. Farhat, MD
  • Karim S. Fikry, MD
  • Lawrence M. Franowicz, MD
  • Kenneth M. Gabriel, MD
  • Kameel H. Garas, MD
    Director, Pain Management Center, Division Chair, Pain Medicine
  • Mario S. Grasso Jr., MD
  • Florian Hackl, MD
  • Nathan T. Jones, MD
  • Jeffrey B. Kane, MD
  • Michael D. Kaufman, MD
  • Elzbieta A. Kos, MD
  • Andrew G. Kowal, MD
  • Richard H. Lehrer, MD
  • Audrey Long, MD
  • John Mattimore, MD
  • Rachel E. Meyer, MD
  • Cornelius J. O’Connor, Jr., MD
  • Sohin A. Patel, MD
  • Marguerite M. Ricciardone, MD
  • Thomas P. Russo, MD
  • Maitriyi Shah, MD
  • Balram Sharma, MD
  • Lori B. Sheehan, MD
  • Michael S. Stix, MD, PhD
  • Paul D. Teague, MD
    Vice Chair, Anesthesiology
  • Daniel D. Vardeh, MD
  • Ken Walton, MD
  • Tony Wang, DO
  • Lawrence C. Weinfeld, MD


Anesthesiology Residency

The Anesthesiology Residency Program at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center offers training and clinical experience with a variety of cases.