Lahey to Proudly Host Interventional Pulmonology Conference for the 38th Year

March 27, 2024

About the Conference

In the evolving landscape of pulmonary medicine, the Interventional Pulmonology conference stands for knowledge and progress. Proudly entering its 38th year, this annual gathering — which will be held this year on April 3-6, 2024 — serves as a hands-on, comprehensive course that showcases state-of-the-art technology and allows participants from around the world to learn about all aspects of interventional pulmonary medicine. We recently spoke with the course director, Dr. Carla Lamb, to learn more.

Tell us about the goal of the conference.

The conference, held annually, caters to professionals in pulmonary medicine, advanced bronchoscopy, interventional pulmonology, and thoracic surgical specialties. It focuses on providing a comprehensive update and review of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for various benign and malignant pulmonary and thoracic diseases. With an international and nationally recognized faculty, the conference offers the latest information on management strategies and features hands-on sessions with a close faculty-to-student ratio for an immersive experience in a state-of-the-art simulation center.

What is new and exciting about this year’s conference?

This year’s conference introduces the latest robotic navigation bronchoscopic technologies and biopsy tools for diagnosing pulmonary nodules, offering participants hands-on experience with expert guidance. Improved devices aid in navigating to small lung nodules for early cancer detection and therapeutic management. The conference emphasizes comprehensive interactive learning, providing access to the latest evidence-based practice guidelines and technologies. This helps enhance participants understanding and application of interventional pulmonary techniques and management strategies for their patients.

How is this different from other conferences?

This course stands out for its unmatched comprehensiveness and impressive 38-year legacy of remaining at the forefront of innovation. Participants not only gain valuable knowledge in techniques and diagnostic management strategies but also benefit from extensive one-on-one interactions with internationally recognized faculty members, making it a truly unique learning opportunity.